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Orange Bank & Trust Announces Relief for Government Workers Affected by Shutdown

MIDDLETOWN, N.Y. (January 15, 2019) — The Board of Directors and CEO Michael Gilfeather of Orange Bank & Trust Company announced today initiatives to assist clients who are U.S. government employees directly impacted by the government shutdown.

Orange Bank & Trust will defer mortgage and loan payments for up to six months or until the end of the government shutdown, whichever comes first, and any credit reporting requirements will be suspended during this time. In addition, Orange Bank & Trust will waive deposit account charges as well as any late fees or early withdrawal penalties for our affected customers.

"We understand the financial stress on clients created by the government shutdown and will work with them to provide financial assistance based on their individual circumstances and needs," said President & CEO Michael Gilfeather. “We all hope this will be resolved soon, but in the interim the Bank stands ready to help those who may need support.”

Orange Bank & Trust encourages its clients to call to discuss certain hardships if they are employees of, or do business with, a U.S. federal agency and their income is affected by the shutdown. Please visit orangebanktrust.com or call your local branch for additional information.