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Orange Bank & Trust Company answers your questions

Is it secure?
Yes. You log into Internet Banking with your secure ID and password to view your statement. No account information is sent to you through e-mail.


After signing up, how long before I will begin to receive statements?
Once you sign up, e-Statements will begin with your next statement.


How do I know when my e-Statement is ready?
We send you notification by e-mail when your statement is ready to view each month.


Can I view my check images on e-Statements?
If you currently receive your check images in your paper statement, you will also be able to view your check images on e-Statements. And don't forget, you can always check your account history.


How long are e-Statements available to view online?
Your e-Statements are available for 24 months.


If I have more than one account, do I need to register each account for e-Statement?
Yes. You will need to register each account individually. Once you log into Internet banking, choose "e-Statement Delivery" under the Preferences menu.  You will receive a separate e-mail notification for each account when it is ready to view. 

And, remember, saving paper helps the environment.  


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