A Suite of Sweet Solutions for the Way You Do Business


  • Establish role for employee positions
  • Set transaction authorities for users at the account level
  • Your Administrator can set company rules
  • Includes a Policy Tester to confirm limits and authorities
  • Set Location, IP Address and Draft Hours for additional security
  • Establish multiple approvals for financial and non-financial authorities
  • Wire and ACH Authority upon approval
  • In depth information reporting


  • Collect automatic payments around the clock
  • Control payment collections with ACH services.
  • Collect payments from all types of payees.
  • Deposit checks as they are received by smart phone or with remote deposit capture.
  • Create and leverage reusable templates for repeat payments


  • Access inclusive data across all accounts anytime, anywhere, on any device
  • Retrieve reports in a variety of file types – PDF, CSV, BA12
  • Monitor cash positioning, account activity, ACH information, and more.



What is Lockbox?

Lockbox is a payment collection service offered to businesses to expedite the collection of incoming payments and reduce the workload to their back office.

  • The bank receives payments by mail (invoices, coupons, etc.) to a post office box and retrieves that mail several times a day to begin processing those payments.
  • Payments are processed, checks, invoices and possibly correspondence are imaged.  Credit is made to account at Orange Bank & Trust.  Businesses with large volume of receivables can reduce back office support to offset fees to process through Lockbox
  • Reports are created to document activity.  Format of reports can be customized to allow for business to download to their accounts receivable software for easy and efficient updating of records.

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Dunbar’s Cash Manager Safes
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