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Digital banking is getting even better.
Our updated digital banking experience is here.

Our updated experience features improved design; automated security notifications that warn you about unsupported browser versions while ensuring you’re enjoying the latest browser technology, and more. 

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Account Information

  • View all of your Checking and Savings accounts and Loans for available balances and transaction information. Your available account balance is updated throughout the day
  • View check and deposit images



  • Easily transfer money between your accounts


Financial Management Programs

  • Download your account history to Quicken or QuickBooks


User Services

  • Request stop payments, reorder checks, and send secure e-mails to us



  • Sign-up once for each account, cut down on paper clutter and go green
  • Receive separate email notifications when your statements are ready
  • e-Statements are available for 24 months
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  • We keep you up to date about your accounts

Orange Bank & Trust Text Banking Commands
TEXT 226563

The following text commands are available for text banking:

Text CommandAction
BAL or BAL <account nickname>Receive account balance (If no account nickname is included, the balances of all enabled accounts will be listed)
HIST <account nickname>Receive account history
XFER <from account nickname> <to account nickname> <amount>Transfer funds between accounts
LISTReceive a list of available text commands
HELPReceive a list of contact points for information on text banking (for example, your website or phone number)
STOPStop all text messages to the mobile device
(for text banking and SMS alerts/notifications)


Bill Payments are easy, fast, and free

  • Schedule one time or recurring payments of fixed or varying amounts quickly and easily, with complete privacy and safety
  • Set it and forget it—you never miss a payment


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