Local Bankers with SNT Trusts to Protect Your Family Members

SPECIAL NEEDS TRUSTS – For a Disabled Family Member

A Legal Entity to Set Aside Money or Property

  • To benefit a child or adult living with a disability
  • Designed to protect eligibility for public funds
  • May be established by a family member with their funds or to receive funds from a settlement for the beneficiary
  • Also called a Supplemental Needs Trust


SUPPLEMENT, NOT SUPPLANT – May only be used to supplement government programs

  • May be used to enhance the beneficiary’s quality of life by providing for activities and services including education, recreational activities, customized living arrangements and medical treatments not covered by government benefits



  • Assets should be invested to provide for current and future needs
  • We understand the special requirements of administering an SNT including the account requirements and not making disqualifying distributions


Providing the best quality of life for the disabled while preserving public benefits requires knowledgeable professionals.  We understand the government rules and we work with healthcare providers, education advocates, attorneys and accountants, and you to protect your family member and give you peace of mind.

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